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weiss cubesat development team

Weiss CubeSat Development Team History

2015 – 2016

The Weiss CubeSat Development Team and Aerospace Program were founded in August. Work began with assembly and testing of BLUECUBE Aerospace CubeSat emulators and 3D printed CubeSat chassis. The team met with Aerospace personnel at the University of Florida and performed a captive carry flight with Generation Orbit. The team prepared for their first three tethered balloonsat missions in the spring. WCDT presented and exhibited in the AIAA banquet and called on Congress with the Space Exploration Alliance. The Weiss CubeSat Development Team and the Aerospace Team began working on prototypes of the WeissSat-1.

2016 – 2017

In 2016, research and prototyping of the WeissSat-1 began in earnest. The Weiss School applied to NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative in November and was notified of their selection in February. Of 34 missions selected, 31 were Universities or NASA payloads, with the WeissSat-1 being the only K-8 school chosen nationwide. The WCDT began working more closely with its payload and bus contractors, NearSpace Launch Inc., NYRAD, and BLUECUBE Aerospace. Students called on Congress again in support of America’s space program with the Space Exploration Alliance. In April, the WCDT students conducted its first high altitude balloonsat launch and utilized the GlobalStar network for telemetry. The WCDT applied for and received a grant for their first ground station. Aerospace students worked with Chilean and Japananesse students to enter NASA’s Space Settlement Contest. Students exhibited and presented at the AIAA banquet and the Humans to Mars Summit in Washington D.C.

2017 – 2018

The Weiss CubeSat Development team and the aerospace class perfected their 3D printing and assembly techniques. They evaluated the hardware and they  further developed their public speaking skills. Testing of the flight hardware began with a second high altitude balloonsat mission.  WCDT students are presented and exhibited at the October Missileers and Space Range Pioneers banquet.

Weiss Commercial

The Weiss School commercial created by students to promote the launch of the WeissSat-1 in November 2018.

Weiss CubeSat Development Team

Information on the Weiss CubeSat Development team, including its history as well as its mission and purpose.

Zero Gravity

Weightless Classroom featured on CNN in March 2007, showing students experiencing zero gravity on a ZeroG Weightless Flight.

D.C., Banquets, and Events

2015: Multiple trips to the University of Florida, Generation Orbit captive carry flight

2016: Submitted proposal to the NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative, Advocate to Congress on behalf of the Space Exploration Alliance (’16, ’17)

2017: Selected for CubeSat launch by NASA, Spoke at Humans to Mars event, Attended the SmallSat Conference in Utah

2015 – Present: Exhibited and presented at multiple AIAA banquets and Missileers and Space Range Pioneers banquets.