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NEARsPACE Launch Products

NearSpace Launch (NSL) was founded following the successful mission of TSAT with Globalstar. The mission proved one could effectively connect 24/7 with an EyeStar radio to the Globalstar constellation.

NearSpace Launch Capabilities Statement

NearSpace Launch (NSL) manufactures and produces ThinSats, CubeSats, Black Boxes, and Globalstar enabled communication systems (EyeStar radios) for a variety of commercial, Governmental, and educational applications.

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EyeStar Radio and Black Box

Heritage of 115+ EyeStar productsflown
24/7 connection to satellite
Latency ofseconds
Global connectivity
Network in operation for over 25 years
Asset Tracking
Asset Health and Safety
100% mission success

EyeStar Radio and Black Box Overview

EyeStar-S3 Satellite Simplex Communications System

End-to-End System, Globalstar Connected, Max 600 Kbytes/day, Anywhere-Anytime, 100% On-orbit success, Flight Ready, TRL 9, Compliant with new FCC requirements

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FastBus CubeSat Platform - 3x2U v1.2

All-In-One CubeSat: 6U (3x2U) Low Cost, 100% FastBus On-Orbit Success, RealTime Global Data, Fast Delivery, FastBus TRL 9,  Customizable, Compliant with new FCC requirements Includes: Rigid Structure, Advanced EPS, Simplex/Duplex Comm, Solar Arrays, Sensors, ADCS, Online Ground Station, & Processor


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