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A move to the independent sector opened my eyes to how access to quality programs is significantly easier in private school communities. Of course, money talks, and with funding, most any educational dream can be realized given the passion and drive exist. With funding, projects can be undertaken, curriculums can be enriched, and students’ imagination can be cultivated. But public schools, primarily those in poverty-stricken communities face different challenges, and funding possibilities, while perhaps available, are less well-known.

In the past three years, moving to the middle school private setting and seeing the opportunities that abound when people are both aware of projects and have financial access to participate in said projects was eye opening. How can there be educational equity if schools aren’t on the same playing field let alone privy to the rules on how to play?

Seeing the students’ accomplishments in the Aerospace arena got me thinking…how can I help bridge the gap between students, STEM, and the real-world? How can others benefit from some of the same educational opportunities as my current students? From this, the APPI was spawned with the goal of educating, communicating, advocating and legislating on behalf of space policy.

At APPI, you will find information about space policy news—both in the news and in areas where students are enacting change. Feel free to offer your suggestions—what would you like to know, areas of interest, and how we can help facilitate your own goals. Of course, the ideas here are not limited to Aerospace; our ultimate goal is you will use APPI as a way to inspire student civil engagement in multiple content areas in a variety of venues.

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Shawna Christenson

Shawna Christenson

Founder, CEO Aerospace Public Policy Institute

Ms. Christenson’s passion is public policy, taking debate outside the classroom and into the real world by participating in legislative blitzes as well as working with students on resolutions at the state and national level. From this passion, the Aerospace Public Policy Institute was developed in order to help other students, teachers, and schools to communicate, educate, advocate and legislate for their own interests. 

H. CON. RES. 85 – Expressing support for the CubeSat Launch and recongizing the launch of WeissSat-1

APPI in Partnership with the Wolverine CubeSat Development Team

APPI and the Wolverine CubeSat Development Team was featured on WPBF Channel 25 for their work on CubeSat and the Resolution introduced to Congress by Rep Brian Mast.

Rep Brian Mast - H CON RES 85

Rep Brian Mast introducing Resolution to Congress recognizing the accomplishments of The Weiss School for the launch of WeissSat-1 and expressing support of the CubeSat Launch Initiative.