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Aerospace & Innovation Academy

Virtual Afterschool Workshop
Intro to Aerospace

Students will explore the mathematics behind orbital mechanics, the ascent/descent of spacecraft, current events related to NASA, USAF, and the Space Force. Emphasis will be placed on identifying aerospace-themed research topics. Students will be introduced to group work in preparation for various space settlement contests, and engage with aerospace professionals through industrial connections and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Learn about CubeSats and the Wolfpack CubeSat Development Team, the only group of middle school students in the country who launched a satellite and are building a second CubeSat. $300 for the fall term.

Competition Prep

Interested students will prepare entries for the Palm Beach Regional Science and Engineering Fair, the NSS Space Settlement Contest, and various other competitions. In the past five years the instructor’s students have placed 97/120 times, with 49 special awards, 22 first place finishes, 20 advancements to the State Sci/Engr Fair, 2 state champions, and 2 state grand champions. 2019 Future Space Scholars Settlement Team was the U.S. national champion and competed in Beijing, China. NSS Space Settlement Team finished first (8th grade large group) in the world (2,600+ entries). $300 for the fall term.

Contact Kevin Simmons at ksimmons@bluecubesat.com for more information.