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About Us

Kevin L. Simmons,  Principal Investigator

Kevin L. Simmons is principal investigatorfor the WeissSat-1, the first middle school CubeSat launched into space in 2018 through NASA’s CubeSat Launch. Simmons is also the PI for a second NASA CubeSat and leads the Wolverine CubeSat Development team. He teaches Physics, Chemistry and Aerospace, and trained as a biochemist, with industry, military, and academia experience. He founded and leads BLUECUBE Aerospace, a small aerospace education company. Prior to The Weiss School he spent six years as a fellow and contractor in the Engineering Directorate at the National Science Foundation. He is the current American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Palm Beach section Public Policy chair, and serves on the Business Development Board Engineering Task Force and the Palm Beach County STEM Education Council. Simmons is a 2009-2011 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow and is the recipient of the AIAA Foundation Educator Achievement Award, The NCASE Crown Circle Award for Aerospace Education, and the Alan Shepard Technology in Education award. 

Created by Educators

BLUECUBE Aerospace seeks to Build, Launch, Utilize, and Educate using CubeSat technology with student teams (MS & HS age).

Weiss Commercial

The Weiss School commercial created to promote the launch of the WeissSat-1 in November 2018.

Weiss CubeSat Development Team

Information on the Weiss CubeSat Development team including it’s history as well as it’s mission and purpose.

Zero Gravity

Students experienced zero gravity on a Zero G Weightless Flight.

Zero Gravity

Students experienced zero gravity on a Zero G Weightless Flight.

What is CubeSAT?

  • Miniaturized satellite for space research and applications
  • 10cm x 10cm x 10cm, 1.33 kg (1U)
  • COTS electronic and structural components
  • Created 1999 – Bob Twigg (Stanford) and Jordi Puig-Suari (CP-SLO)
  • Enabled engineering students to design, build, fly ~3yr.
  • Disruptive transformation
  • Most flights: universities, governments, military, and now schools

Founding of Weiss CubeSat Development Team (2015-2018)

Formed in August 2015
9 founding members

Goal: To design, test, and fly a CubeSat within 3 years


  • Raspberry Pi emulators
  • Tethered & HAB balloons
  • Captive carry flight
  • WeissSat-1